Bymetric Web Analytics

Degoogle your Web Analytics

Degoogle your Web Analytics

There are several movements to Degoogle - email, photos, Android - people are starting to see the risk of having essential tech services disrupted by one mega-company.

Web analytics is no exception, with several privacy focussed analytics services growing over the past few years. Unfortunately Google Analytics is one of the least portable things; no bulk download or takeout options. This is doubly frustrating as analytics depend on historical data to be….well….analytical.

The main drivers to build Bymetric was to simplify web stats. There’s a middle ground between the very basics and the burgeoning complexity that Google Analytics has become. We also think we can find that balance in a very privacy focussed way, which is why Bymetric does not use cookies or fingerprinting technologies.

So far though, the move to privacy first analytics has come with a cost to content creators - the loss of historical data. Whilst Matomo (formerly Piwik) offers an import module, the self hosted version is technically complex and it uses cookie tracking technology. We wanted to offer simple, privacy focussed analytics without the penalty of losing all your historical stats.

With just a few clicks you can grant Bymetric read access to your Google Analytics account and pick which Profile you would like to import from (and up to which point in time), and we’ll pull in relevant aggregate data behind the scenes for you. Whilst we can’t bring everything over in the same granularity, we map over important key metrics around popular pages, campaigns and channels.

Here you can see a typical Bymetric dashboard before connecting:


And here you can see one after historical Analytics has loaded:


No doubt you can see the difference in numbers around the 10th March. Whilst we’d love to offer 1:1 mapping of how these things are captured by Bymetric and Google Analytics, it’s just not possible. You still get the benefit of understanding performance over time and our intelligent insights/analysis can use this data to better tell you how your site performs in the future.