Bymetric Web Analytics

Google Analytics Alternative

Bymetric has been designed to be a Google Analytics alternative. We are a more privacy-focussed product, but also focussed on simplicity.

Whilst Google Analytics has grown in features and capabilities since the days of Urchin (remember urchin.js?!), it is now very unwieldy and complex for everyday web publishers to navigate.

Why move from Analytics to Bymetric?

We understand there’s some risks attached to switching analytics providers as you don’t want to lose your history (which is why we can import your data, see below). Bymetric has been carefully designed to reflect the reporting you are used to in Google Analytics.

This means we match our own channel analytics to how Google has defined them to try and help you see consistent reporting.

Bymetric is also one of the best cookieless analytics providers. This means we offer an incredibly powerful reporting service without needing to store cookies on user devices. Whilst cookies are not inherently bad, the nature of Google Analytics cookies mean your users are tracked over multiple websites.

No User Fingerprinting

There are a number of excellent privacy focussed analytics products out there, but we believe our balance of privacy and features are the best available. We do not fingerprint any user information and anonymise IP addresses before as they hit our servers, not after.

But…I’ve got all my history in Google Analytics?

Whilst we believe there are compelling reasons to move away from Google Analytics from both privacy and simplicity perspectives, we recognise that you may have a lot of history you don’t want to lose.

This is why Bymetric is one of the only progressive analytics services to support an automated Google Analytics import. Once you’ve set up a project, you can choose to connect your Google account to import both/either of Analytics data and Search Console data.

By importing Google Analytics data we will bring over your historic aggregates so that it matches with Bymetric reporting. This doesn’t mean we bring everything over, but we will import:

  • Daily unique visitor counts
  • Daily pageviews by page
  • Daily pageviews by channel
  • Daily pageviews by country

By default we will import data from 1st Jan 2021, but if you get in touch with us once your account is up and running we may be able to import older data for you.