Bymetric Web Analytics

Data Collection in Bymetric

We believe Bymetric has the best balance of features and privacy for web analytics. Here’s why:

  • The IP address - one of the most contentious things with data privacy - is anonymized as it hits our data collection servers; we do not log it in full form
  • Servers and data are located and stored in the EU and UK
  • We do not use any fingerprinting techniques; no hashing of user information whatsoever
  • Bymetric cannot identify the same users over different websites (unless you purposefully put the same tracking code on multiple websites)
  • No cookies
  • For those concerned with “Schrems II” we offer an additional level of assurance where your visitor data will never be sent/stored/passed through non EU-countries or the UK (nor will it knowingly traverse servers owned by US entities)

So what data does Bymetric collect?

The following items of data are captured and sent to Bymetric:

Anonymised IP address

IP addresses are often deemed to be personally identifiable information therefore we take steps to anonymise them as soon as possible. IP addresses are anonymised as they hit our data collection servers. We keep anonymised IP addresses for (a) country level Geolocation and (b) firewalls and spike protection.

Some of our processes will store IP addresses temporarily and if an IP address is found to be acting suspiciously it will be logged to a file in non-anonymised form to protect the service for other customers. Through the normal use of Bymetric, therefore, IP addresses are not logged!

Browser User Agent

The full browser agent string is stored for the user; we have plans to “dumb” this down so we only capture general browser/device information.

Referrer information, page URLS

If a user arrives on your site from another site, Bymetric will record the domain from which they arrived. Note that this information is increasingly viewed as potentially infringing privacy and browsers are starting to

Common UTM tags

We collect the “normal” UTM marketing attribution tags (utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_keyword) as these often contain super valuable insights as to where your website visitors are arriving from.

So what data does Bymetric NOT collect?


Bymetric will not store cookies on the devices of your website visitors. Bymetric does not allow visitors to be tracked across different websites.

Page Titles

There may well be a risk of user information being presented in page titles so we do not collect these.


We do not fingerprint your users in anyway. We use bespoke processes to understand if a visitor is new and which pages that visitor views.

Do Not Track

We honour Do Not Track (DNT) preferences for your user and will not record any information for DNT visitors. Our analytics script can be forced to not ignore DNT settings but we do not encourage this and the default is to honour DNT.