Bymetric Web Analytics

Web analytics for humans

Simple, fast web analytics that puts privacy first

Like us, you might have grown tired of how complex web analytics have become. Long gone are the days of being able to glance at your dashboard and understand what's going on.

We created Bymetric to help people quickly see how their websites are performing.

How is it different?


No bloat so our analytics code is fast to load, and you can explore your metrics on your dashboard super fast.


Web analytics got way too complex. We're focussing on the key metrics - visitor channels, pages and campaigns.

Privacy First

We use cookieless analytics technology; we don't identify or even fingerprint your users. Some analytics providers fingerprint based on your IP and browser; we don't do that.

Features, in detail

No limit on websites
Add as many sites as you like; we'll keep an eye on total pageviews for you
Google Analytics Import
If you're migrating from Google Analytics, you can bring your historical summary data with you!
Multiple users
Add someone else to view your website analytics data
Coming soon
Intelligent Insight
No more clicking through to find out why your site is doing so well - we'll tell you why
Coming soon
10 day free trial
Full access for 10 days for free
Real Time Visitors
See how many people on your site in real time
UTM Marketing Features
Drill down to UTM campaign, source, medium all within a few clicks
Optional "Schrems II" Mode
Choose to keep all your user data within the EU and UK and not process it via US owned companies
Page, Country, Channel Drill-downs
See how people are getting to your site and what they view
Search Console Integration
Connect in your Google Search Console to see how your keyword performance changes over time

Want to know more?

Cookieless Analytics

Change is coming for cookies; the fatigue of cookie notice banners, the fear of GDPR and data regulation have raised the profile of cookies. Whilst Google Analytics seemed like a good idea at the time, it's now considered to invasive against your users.

Bymetric does not use cookies. It's not tracking, it's just analytics.

Bring your Google Analytics with you

The biggest friction to leaving Google Analytics behind is all your historic data, right?

Don't worry, Bymetric can import your relevant sumamry data over from Google Analytics so you can have a consistent view of your website performance

Naturally some of the metrics will change a little, but it means you don't have to start reporting from scratch.

Focus on what actually matters

Web analytics got really complex. If you're an SEO whizz, some of this might complexity can be great. If you're like us, you just want the stuff that actually matters.

We present a simple view of what's happening on your site and don't over complicate things. We do recognise the importance of Events, Goals and Marketing though, which is why you can send us events and we'll show you a breakdown of marketing channels.

Get Started

Get started with a free 10 day trial. Got questions, ping us an email/get in touch via the contact page.