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Public Funding for Neutral Wireless Limited

Registration Number SC615351

Radio Band Harmoniser for 5G Private Networks

2023-06-01 to 2023-11-30
Grant for R&D
Private 5G networks can deliver wireless connectivity using locally licensed spectrum, without being affected by the public network. This is highly advantageous in applications such as live events broadcasting. In this scenario, a stadium full of football spectators might place considerable load on the public mobile network. Meanwhile, a private 5G network can be established to carry live video feeds from broadcast cameras capturing all of the action on the pitch, with high quality and reliability. One of the challenges in deploying 5G private networks for broadcasting (and other applications) is that the available radio modem equipment may not target the same RF frequency bands. This project aims to prototype a new 5G wireless network component that will inter-operate with existing equipment to harmonise access to radio spectrum bands, thus solving the compatibility challenges and enabling seamless operation of the private 5G network.

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