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News Fuel Active secures Innovate UK Funding

Fuel Active Limited have secured £349,044 (for costs of £498,634) of public funding under the UK’s Responsive initiative. Founded in 1999, they are based in Wales and will use the funding to continue research and product development into their iFuelActive-PRO product (an aftermarket product to monitor diesel fuel quality).

Understandably Diesel does not have the greatest reputation given a global push on green and clean tech. It would be naive to ignore continued use of diesel fuels in the future, and research into making emissions cleaner is valid. Despite incentives for companies to invest in clean tech, there is a huge benefit to making the “dirtier” fuels more efficient and better for the environment/health.

This funding will go specifically into a module to report on the relationship between fuel quality and emissions. The solution will be a mix of hardware and software, as Fuel Active hope to develop machine learning (ML) processes to report reliable maintenance windows/cycles to heavy operators of diesel fleets/plant.

Check out the Fuel Active profile or their website to find out more.

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