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News Hydrosurv awarded Innovate UK Grant to monitor Ocean Biomass

Hydrosurv and the University of Plymouth Marine Institute have been awarded public funding to develop a robotic survey technology to monitor subtidal seagrass habitats.

The new solution will use rapidly-deployable autonomous vehicles with electric propulsion and an advanced sensor array to collect hydroacoustic, observational and environmental data. It builds upon their existing GIS product to monitor changes to submerged acquatic vegetation (seaweed?) and will continue to help improve ocean biomass estimates.

Autonomous Seagrass Habitat Monitoring System (ASHMoS)

Staying true to HydroSurv’s aim to democratise ocean data, the solution will slash the cost and carbon intensity of data collection relative to established survey techniques whilst removing personnel from harms way, and will be made flexibly and conveniently accessible to the market.

Check out the Hydrosurv Unmanned Survey (UK) Ltd profile or their website to find out more.

Hydrosurv Unmanned Survey (UK) Ltd have secured £105,817 (for costs of £151,167) of public funding under the UK’s Manufacturing, Materials & Mobility initiative. Founded in 2011, they are based in South West England.

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