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News Motion Robotics Funded to asses Shore to Sea Drones

Motion Robotics Limited have secured £73,815 (for costs of £105,450) of public funding under the UK’s Responsive initiative. Founded in 2013, they are based in South East England and won the funding to explore feasibility of shore-to-sea drone delivery, whilst respecting maritime restrictions.

There are significant challenges to regular delivery services to sea vessels, and existing deliveries require separate craft which also typically burn fossil fuels. Success for the project would be to determine that drone based delivery can be faster, cheaper, less risky and more environmentally damaging (pick one or more?).

There will be far reaching global ramifications for improving delivery to sea craft in busy, highly trafficked maritime areas around the world.

In the longer term, SEASHORE will use key strategic positions within the Solent, to establish a network of launch locations for our drones to access anchorages around the Isle of Wight and the south coast.

Check out the Motion Robotics profile or their website to find out more.

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