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News Mykor Receive Funding for Environmentally Friendly Construction Panels

Mykor Ltd have secured £231,521 (for costs of £330,744) of public funding under the UK’s Responsive initiative. Founded in 2021, they are based in South West England.

The funding will be used to develop MykoSIP which hopes to be a low carbon, structually insulated composite building panel.

The product, which will integrate waste collection, will provide companies with a solution that utilises natural materials and is low-carbon, fire- and water-resistant and operates within carbon and construction regulations.

A large amount of the UK’s emissions are generated as part of the manufacture of construction materials, and Mykor aim to improve the sustainability of the industry by creating a natural-based building panel that conforms to construction regulation. They have already gone to market with MykoSlab and will use the Innovate UK funding to further their construction panel product lines whilst improving the sustainability story for conscientious construction.

Check out the Mykor profile or their website to find out more.

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