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News Quantrolox Funded for Qubit Control Software

Quantrolox Limited have secured £182,226 (for costs of £260,323) of public funding under the UK’s Responsive initiative. Founded in 2021, they are based in South East England and will continue their research into spin qubits (hardware/computer platforms for quantum computing).

Building machine learning ultra-fast simulators (MLUS as they are referred to by Quantrolox) will enable faster iteration of development on qubit platforms, as current control software is much slower than hardware platforms allow for.

The proposed project will be a key step in realising automated qubit tuning, optimisation and stabilisation. The implemented automated qubit control software that will enable quantum computers to scale substantially beyond current capabilities.

The funding is for a joint research project between Quantrolox and the UK National Centre for Quantum Computing.

Check out the Quantroloxprofile or their website to find out more.

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