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News Tenzo Funded to Support Restaurant Resilience

Tenzo Limited have secured £319,993 (for costs of £457,133) of public funding under the UK’s Responsive initiative. Founded in 2016, they are based in South East England and have the funding to deploy A.I. to better support forecasting for the restaurant sector.

Hospitality is undoubtedly changed since COVID, and in the UK continued shocks to the sytem are upsetting the sectors ability to recover and remain resilient. Rising costs, rates, staff shortages and consumer uncertainty are the disruptive icing on the cake after COVID-19.

Tenzo hope that their predictive analytics and forecasting tools can help operators predict demand so they can respond and stock/staff accordingly. The project brief is a little light, and consolidation of reporting and analytics are unlikely to have piqued the interest of Innovate UK, so we’d expect some blending in of AI/ML technology in to the offering to improve the analytics delivered to restaurants.

Check out the Tenzo profile or their website to find out more.

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